Alfran: Circular Economy

circular economyThe environment is a key element in our quality of life. Its state has a direct impact on our health and, therefore, it is everyone’s task to preserve it. The proper use and exploitation of natural resources are fundamental, without forgetting that they are limited and that if we do not act from now, at some point they will run out of them. On the way to the development of new materials to reinforce the circular economy, ALFRAN offers its customers refractory solutions with a wide range of materials, made from recycled materials, coming from industrial waste, which contributes to sustainable development, without interfering in our quality standards and providing a great added value. With this gesture, we collaborate in reducing energy consumption and therefore in CO2 emissions on our planet.

As always, we are available to our customers, to offer them, as we have done for more than 100 years, our Solutions in High Industrial Temperature.