Every year, next April 20th, Grupo Aldomer will celebrate the Day of Creativity and Innovation.

At alfran® we focus on people. The commitment and sense of belonging that characterizes those who work in the company has allowed us to consolidate our position as an industrial partner of reference in high temperature, therefore, for this day the main theme will be “How to attract, train and retain talent”.

Due to the high level of participation, the various working groups, using the collaborative visualization technique of Empathy Maps, will contribute their point of view. These maps will allow the participants to put themselves in the place of another job position different from the one they occupy and to know their motivations, fears, and desires…

The conclusions of all the teams will be pooled, we will analyze the results and we will be able to design a strategy together.

At alfran® we know that every one of our employees has a lot to contribute. We work as a team to develop each other and to achieve the best results. GREAT PLACE TO WORK