Installation and work in progress



With the aim of offering an integral service to its clients, Alfran® also carries out surface treatments and anti-corrosive coatings and finishes for industrial installations. The integration of this activity allows us to offer a better level of service to our customers, increase efficiency and coordination of the work, reduce execution times, and take advantage of synergies while improving the quality of the service offered.

The installation of refractory, fireproofing, thermal insulation materials and industrial painting work would be difficult to achieve without a suitable system for working at height. As part of its expansion project, Alfran® began supplying its own scaffolding systems to projects and customers. Currently, Alfran executes scaffolding that meets the most extreme conditions from a mechanical and safety point of view, and it presents itself as a provider of this type of service.”


As the only company responsible, alfran® guarantees the quality of all its projects, offering its services in a coordinated and integral manner, from the engineering of solutions and the manufacture of materials, to the on-site installation and final delivery of the equipment.