Pablo Suarez, Departamento financiero
  • What is the best thing about working at ALFRAN?
    I could highlight several things about Alfran, but without a doubt I would highlight the closeness I have with the managers and the management, after all, not in many companies you can work side by side with the financial director and have him at your side for anything you need, also, despite being a family business, Alfran is not a small company, and offers you an international vision that not many companies in Seville can offer you.


  • What have you learned during your internship and what skills do you think you have developed?
    I could not tell you all the things I have learned, but certainly one of the most important for someone like me who has just left university, has been to see how financial planning and accounting is carried out at a practical level in a company, having never worked with an ERP for me it has been extremely interesting to learn and manage it daily. Apart from this, I think I have also developed my proactivity in proposing solutions to problems, my work capacity and communication skills from having meetings and calls with people both here in the office and in the different subsidiaries.


  • Do you feel supported by your manager?
    100%, my colleagues and managers have always been there for anything I have needed, at no time has he let any of the questions we ask pass him by, he has always found time even on the busiest days to listen to us and solve any doubts or problems that may have arisen.


  • Do you feel that you have had autonomy and that your point of view is valued in the company?
    Without a doubt, at the beginning you logically need to be guided by someone, but from the very first moment I noticed that my managers were interested in me becoming fluent as soon as possible, and as soon as they saw that they could give me more autonomy, they did, which is something that is greatly appreciated because it makes you feel that you really contribute something to the company and makes you feel much more confident. Today, obviously I can’t say that I am completely autonomous in my work because I still need support for certain issues, but I consider that I have a large margin of autonomy for my daily functions.


  • Would you recommend Alfran as an internship company to other colleagues?
    Yes, I think Alfran can be a great company to have a first contact with the working world, we are talking about an industrial company, which for an economics profile is very interesting, where you can learn a lot, both for the knowledge that your superiors can give you and for the international presence, in conclusion, for this and the above I think the scholarship here has been a very enriching experience and I would recommend to any student with a similar profile to mine.