Project in Passive Fire Protection project for Repsol Pampilla. Peru

In December of the year 2016, RELAPASA entrusted us with the adaptation of the units of its refinery in terms of Passive Fire Protection (PFP). The works developed by Alfran had as a scope to efficiently carry out the passive fire protection (fireproofing) of metal structures that support equipment and/or pipes, containers, cable trays and cut-off valves that are considered essential to protect during a fire.

The project was developed during the months of January and September 2017 (9 months). In this way, all planned milestones were met. The plan consisted of adapting the existing PFP to the new legal regulations. It also included the maintenance and repair of the existing PFP.

n structures, our FIRE IND material was used. The results obtained were great thanks to our application system which is not invasive, perfect to apply in units while working. Regarding the cable tray, the Flamro material was used as protection against fire P 20.

In addition to the installation, a final dossier with technical recommendations was delivered, as well as the complete package of AS BUILT drawings of the fireproofing work developed.

Thanks to the satisfactory results obtained, both in production and in the field of PRL, with zero accidents, Alfran is positioned as an important technical reference for our client RELAPASA, with whom we hope to continue collaborating during this year.

Magnitudes of this project in Passive Fire Protection material

The magnitudes of the project were the following:

Surface of the structure: 4.835 m2

Surface of the cable tray: 1.215 m2

FIRE IND: 175 Tn

Flamro: 5.000 Kg

Average number of workers: 30 workers

Duration: 7 months

Total hours of the project: 27.900 hours

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