JATCO Furnace 3 Project

The refractory castables of the JATCO Reverberatory Aluminum Furnace, No. 3 were completely changed at the Aguascalientes (Mexico) facilities. In the very short time of 25 days, Alfran supplied and installed materials especially recommended for this equipment, such as Drytech 85 AL, Drytech 85, TIX 40 concrete and our insulating concretes from LITE range. Additionally, the demolition and extraction procedure of 25 solidified aluminum tons, from the interior of the furnace, was carried out.

Our customer was pleased with the performance of our team, both in the execution of the installation and in Health and Safety standards, which has led us to position ourselves at the forefront in the Aluminum sector, throughout America.


Aguascalientes (Mexico)




Aluminum (Non-ferrous metals)