Supply and installation of refractory materials to several Clinker manufacturing plants in different locations in sub-Saharan Africa

Since 2015, alfran® has been supplying refractory materials to several Cement Clinker manufacturing plants in sub-Saharan Africa (Togo, Benin and Senegal, among others), which includes some of our main products from our range of monolithic vibrococked and gunite refractories, specially designed for the Cement industry. At the various maintenance stops at which alfran® has participated, we have supplied more than 1350 tons with excellent yields from our high value-added ranges, Clean® and Drytech®.

  • Location of plants: Scantogo (Heidelberg Cement-Togo), SCB-Lafarge (Benín), Nocibe (Groupe Layoussse-Benin), Ciments du Sahel (Groupe Layousse-Senegal), CIMENCAM (Lafarge, Camerún), SOCOCIM (VICAT, Senegal) y Grupo DANGOTE (Senegal).
  • Dates: Since 2015.
  • Application Areas: Hot Gas Generator (HGG), Precalciner, Cyclon, Smoke Chamber, Kiln Inlet, Hood, TAD, Cooler, Nose ring, Burner.
  • Quantity of Material: 1350 Tm.
  • Materials: Clean 25 Bp, Clean 40, Clean 40 SUPER, Drytech 70, Drytech 85, Cast 35 Sic, High Gun 45 Sic, High Gun 70 Sic, Lite 10/14, Tix 35 Sic, Tix 85.


Different locations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa


Since 2015