Health and Safety – Working at height awareness campaign

Continuing with the goalof converting Health and Safety into a VALUE for Grupo Aldomer, we emphasize the importance of safety when working at height.

In Spain, around 50 workers die each year from blows as a result of falls, being the third most common form of fatal accident during work hours (10%), behind non-traumatic pathologies (44%) and traffic accidents ( 14%).

For the possible explanation and search for causes for this type of work accidents related to falls in height, we could find many different factors:

  • Lack of training and information
  • Use of personal protection equipment that is wrong or in poor condition.

In the specific case of working at height, worker training is essential, due to the complexity of the equipment intended for this purpose and its misuse; 25% of workers who at some point have to perform work with a risk of falling from a height, do NOT use the appropriate EPIS or PPE or use them in a scenario that requires a specific fall arrest system and with configuration and design parameters Associated with each situation. Depending on the Health and Safety campaign, we comment on the following:


  • Any work over 2 meters without effective protections (individual or collective) is prohibited.
  • Hold the handrail on stairs and move carefully.
  • Always keep 3 points of contact when using vertical ladders.
  • The anti-fall PPE should only be used in cases where the protection of collective protections is not technically possible, since they do not prevent the materialization of the risk (fall in height), they simply reduce the consequences.

When using a harness:

  • Adjust it properly. A badly placed harness can cause serious injury in the event of a fall.
  • Check that it is in good condition and that it has no visible damage.
  • Make sure you anchor to a sturdy point of sufficient height to stop the fall before impact. Whenever possible, do it above the head and on the same vertical, to reduce the drop factor and the pendulum effect.
  • Do not jump between different levels.
  • Do not run.

Before climbing a scaffold:

  • Check that you have a green label with an effective date and follow all the indications reflected.
  • Make sure the maximum scaffold load is adequate and respect it.
  • Verify that the scaffold is not damaged and that it adapts to the needs of the work.
  • Keep the hatch of the access ladder closed except when you are climbing or going down the stairs.
  • Any modification of the scaffolding by personnel outside the specialized company that installs and certifies it is strictly prohibited.