General Shutdown Sarlux Refinery, Saras. Sardinia. Italy.

On March, April, and May, in the state of alarm, a team of Alfran collaborators carried out various refractory works related to the general shutdown of the Sarlux refinery, belonging to the SARAS group, in Sardinia (Italy), in several units, mainly at the FCC of UOP license. For the execution of the works, a team of 40 workers was foreseen, working in two shifts for 45 days approximately. However, after the closure of the borders and the confinement due to COVID-19, it was only possible to set up a team of 9 workers. This team has developed a great work, of high quality, and with “Zero Accidents Goal ”, during the shutdown, fulfilled. Our workers had an excellent attitude on site at difficult moments, providing the image of Alfran as a company committed to our Customers. Congratulations and Thanks!

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