Goal achieved once again!

At the beginning of this year, in the kiln located at Lafarge Holcim Jerez, Spain, we carried out a work: increase refractory lining in the stable coating area by the High Gun system with our basic castable ALFRANMAG 85 HG, to extend its life with guarantee. During this month, we have been able to carry out an inspection and the result has been very satisfactory for our client, finding the re-grown area with the same residual thickness in the brick as before our work . This data confirms the values observed through thermographic system, which have guaranteed the operation safely and without any risk , despite the changes in the quality of manufactured clinker that have been made to adapt to production needs.

Samples of residual material have been collected to make a postmortem analysis that will allow us to continue improving our materials and customer service.

In this Project we add the advantages of Health&Safety, Circular Economy and Cost Saving to our Customers.

The trust placed in our innovative solutions by our customers is a continuous drive for innovation, the growth engine for our company.