El futuro: materiales refractarios no conformados vs. conformados

At alfran®, we are specialists in offering innovative solutions adapted to the changing needs of each industry, with a strategy focused on Health and Safety, the Circular Economy, and Continuous Improvement. 

Currently, non-shaped (it is shaped when installed) is becoming a great player than shaped refractory solutions, in most of the installations and process furnaces in different industries (cement, steel, non-ferrous metal, etc.), collaborating, certainly, with the planet´s sustainability. At alfran®, we are strongly committed to these solutions, hand in hand with our Innovation Department department, contributing between 15-35% of our EBITDA to R&D+i.

Choosing refractory castable quality, is as important as its installation system, for this, we have refractory materials with cement and non-cement (Drytech®), that can be installed by pouring, casting, pumping, and sprayed system by dry system (traditional gunning, Cast Range or high-pressure gunning, High gun® Range or wet system (patented alfranjet® technology), according to the customer requirements.

Other sustainability advantages of the use of refractory castable, is lining thickness old recovery, extending the life of the original lining, thereby saving material (refractory, insulation and anchors), cost, time and energy. The energy savings are also noteworthy, since while the shaped materials need their own drying in the manufacturer’s facilities and normally at high temperatures, non-shaped materials are usually dried at the start of the production process of the equipment being coated, following a drying curve.