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Empresas centenarias andalucía

11 Juil: Meeting of Centenary Companies of Andalusia

Last May, the first meeting of centenary companies in Andalusia was celebrated, an ideal moment to share points of view, reflections and experiences for the future with the owners of other centenary companies.
Mr. José María Domínguez, President of Grupo Aldomer, and Ignacio Recio Domínguez, General Manager of Alfrán, attended on behalf of Alfrán.
The event aimed to reflect on the keys to success and the challenges that threaten the competitiveness and survival of these companies.
Andalusia preserves nearly 200 centenary companies in activity. These centenarian companies are pillars of our productive fabric, as well as providing wisdom and experience of great value for the new economy and the future of society.


28 Juin: ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas. Direct reduction. Refractory and thermal insulation

Since 2021, Alfran México has participated in maintenance shutdown at the Direct Reduction ArcelorMittal Lázaro Cárdenas Plant, in Mexico. The works have included the disciplines of refractory and thermal Insulation, in equipment such as reformers and heaters. The works were carried out safely, and on time, consolidating Alfran as a reliable supplier for the customer specially, and the steel industry usually



Alfran offre des solutions de traitement thermique clé en main dans l’industrie réfractaire et dispose pour cela d’une autre entreprise complémentaire appartenant au GROUPE ALDOMER, avec plus de 35 ans d’expérience, comme INTEC-HEAT. Nous offrons à nos clients des services de préchauffage, de traitements thermiques post-soudure, et de séchage de réfractaires, en respectant les plus hauts standards de qualité.