Installation of Alfran MAG 85 HG at Lafarge Holcim


For many years, we have been working closely with Lafarge Holcim Jerez in the supply of materials and services. This time we have replaced a section of rotary kiln shell with 4.4m diameter in the outlet area, implying the installation of refractory bricks during the scheduled maintenance shutdown.

In order to join the new brick in the 8th meter of the kiln and the existing coating in the 11th meter and above (stable coating), so there was no different levels and would serve as a base to create the new coating. These areas were re-grown with Magnesia-Spinel based castable, Alfran Mag 85 HG. To carry out this job, the surface of the brick was cleaned by sandblasting to facilitate the adhesion of the gunning material to the old brick. Once cleaned, the area to be re-grown was distributed in 3 rings of 1 ml each, and the castable was gunned by high-pressure gunning system increasing the average thickness by 80-90 mm.

It is known that the rotary kiln has started up production and the projected area has fulfilled the objective set forth: to preserve and serve as a base for creating the new coating. We have, therefore, achieved the full satisfaction of the customer and the possibility of being able to continue cooperating and adding value by offering different solutions.

Saving costs, timing, environmental benefits and safety.