Different Projects in reverber and recycling ovens in Alcoa Aviles (Spain)

Since the year 2016, Alfran has carried out the repair and reconstruction of several ovens in Alcoa Avilés. Specifically, we have reconstructed the two chambers of the Recycling Plant Furnace and installed the complete refractory of reverberatory furnace nº 8.
In the demolition work, where it was necessary, a telecontrol robot type brokk 90 was used. The most common and critical areas have been the floor and walls to the bathroom line. In both areas, AL type non-wetting concrete was installed by vibrocoating, 85% alumina. In the total reconstruction of furnace nº 8 we installed 60 tons of refractory.
In all the installations we have carried out the drying of the refractory with our own equipment, through our company of the Group, Intec Heat.


Alcoa, Spain






Aluminum (Non-ferrous metals)