PFP metallic structure for the Hydrocracker unit in Sines refinery reconversion

ALFRAN obtained the confidence of Técnicas Reunidas to undertake this project in the GALP refinery located in Sines (Portugal). The project was developed during the months of July-2012 to December 2012 (6 months). The material specified was FIRE IND obtaining great yields of application in it. The scope of work was limited between alignments 9 and 23 of the new structure. Although the planning of the project was complex, ALFRAN was able to adapt to the client’s milestones, successfully completing the project on time.

Scope of work:

Fireproofing at Hydrocracker Unit (HC): Main Rack & other Steel structures.

Fireproofing of Equipment Skirts (HC-V-26, HC-V-71, HC-R-01 & HC-R-02).

Fireproofing of Equipment curves (HC-E-43, HC-E-25, HC-E-24 & HC-E-23).

Steel Structure Fireproofing & Special Supports

Global magnitudes

Structure surface: 7.500 m2

FIRE IND: 315 Tn

Average workforce: 55 workers

Duration: 6 months

Total hours project: 38,100


Sines, Portugal




Oil & Gas


Fire Proofing