Adaptation of the PETRONOR refinery to new regulations regarding PFP (Passive Fire Protection)

PETRONOR trusted ALFRAN in order to develop the master plan to adapt the PFP of its refinery to the new regulations. The work developed by ALFRAN had as its scope the effective execution of the passive fire protection (fireproofing) of the metallic structures that support equipment and/or pipes, containers, cable trays and cut-off valves that are considered essential to protect during a fire.

The project was developed during 38 months between the years 2012-2013-2014 fulfilling all the planned planning milestones. The project consisted of adapting the existing PFP to the new legal regulations as well as the maintenance and repair of the existing one. In structures, our FIRE IND material was used, obtaining magnificent results because our application system is not invasive and is perfect to apply in units “in progress”.


Global magnitudes

Structure surface: 6,780 m2

FIRE IND: 231 Tn

Average workforce: 18 workers

Duration: 38 months

Total hours project: 28288 hours


Bilbao, Spain




Oil & Gas


Fire Proofing