Seminar: “Refractory Solutions for the Copper Industry”

industria del cobre

Last June, days 14 and 15, the first seminar “Refractory Solutions for the Copper Industry” was held in the city of Santiago, Chile, with great success.

With the assistance of 21 people, keys of the main companies of that industry in the country (Angloamerican, Codelco, Enami Paipote, Glencore) as well as Atlantic Copper (Spain). We also had the participation of professors from the University of Concepción (Chile) and the University of Huelva (Spain), in addition to the participation of our counselor Patricio Barrios, with extensive professional experience in the copper industry in different multinational companies .

As part of the program, we had the opportunity to present to the participants our refractory solutions for the industry, taking advantage of the opportunity to present our most recent catalogue for this sector.

Interactive activities were carried out which were of great value to the participants.

One of them was the exhibition of success stories with our materials from the people in charge of the operations as exhibitors:

  • Codelco Ventanas: “Electric oven and reverbe”.
  • Atlantic Copper: “Applications of refractory-fiber technology at critical points”.
  • Glencore Altonorte: “Converters mouths”.

Additionally, and as an offer of value for the seminar, we carried out two round tables and a master class giving a look to the future and innovation:

  • Round table: “The challenges of the copper industry”. Roberto Parra/Patricio Barrios
  • Round table: “Replacement of refractories formed by non-conformed”. José María Domínguez/Luis Hurtado
  • Master lecture: “Selective recycling of refractories in the industry”. Margarita Álvarez.

As usual, we had the opportunity to share with our guests acts of a more playful and social nature to enhance networking.

Academic activities about not conformed refractories, are not common in Chile. Therefore, our guests have asked us to make them on a regular basis.

We aim to be able to carry out, in the near future, our second Seminar, in the search to reach every corner of this industry, not only in Chile but throughout the region.