Alfran participates in the SIPS 2017 in Cancun. Mexico. October 2017

Last October, Alfran participated in the SIPS 2017 (Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit) held in Cancun, Mexico. In this event, three pillars of sustainability were emphasized: (1) Science, Technology and Industrial Practice, (2) Political and social framework and (3) Education.

SIPS 2017The symposium was organized by Flogen Technologies Inc.. This Canadian company maintains a collaboration with Refractarios Alfran S.A.. It is dedicated to the Investigation, Development and Advice to foundries of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous).

Recognitions and pressence in SIPS 2017

The SIPS 2017 event featured recognized figures in the field of research. In this way, they included 3 people awarded the Nobel Prize, as well as other personalities, such as Prof. Donna Nelson, President of the American Chemical Society. There were also assistants involved in the industrial world, such as Patricio Barrios, a professional who has been associated with copper smelting and refining for several decades and in different countries. Patricio Barrios was honored in this edition of the event, assigning his name to the Copper Electrolytic Smelting and Processing Symposium, one of the 6 symposiums that were held simultaneously in Cancun between October 23 and 26.

Alfran presented a paper called Advanced Refractory Castables Base On Microsilica Gel-Bonding Systems For Non-Ferrous Industries, which highlights the advantages of our materials from the Drytech range for sustainability: (1) lower energy consumption in drying (2) lower consumption due to higher performance in operation.