Conference on Knowledge, Circular Economy and Recycling

The Conference on Knowledge, Circular Economy and Recycling in the Refractory Materials Sector was organized in October by the Refractory Section of the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass. The Conference had the collaboration of the National Association of Manufacturers of Refractory, Materials and Related Services (ANFRE) and the Institute of Ceramics and Glass (ICV).

With the participation of more than 70 registered attendants, from Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and Germany, belonging to companies in the sector (Raw Materials, Producers, Users and Recyclers), Research Centers, Technology Centers, Associations and different Ministries of the Government of Spain, it has been considered a beneficial day from the scientific-technical point of view for all participants.

Strategically, Europe’s dependence on raw materials in our industrial sector makes the search for alternative supply possibilities a necessity. These include the ability to properly manage by-products of our own activity and even others as a source of resources.

The speakers shared their experiences from different approaches in the refractory world: End users and, therefore, waste generators after their useful life, Valorizers, Manufacturers, Academics and Researchers as well as Institutional Regulators.

This Conference on Knowledge, Circular Economy and Recycling in the Sector had the participation of colleagues from ALFRAN. Among them José María Dominguez, as speaker at the closing table, where current issues and some possible future approaches were discussed. Also present was Margarita Álvarez, vice president of the Refractories section, as part of the organizing and chairwoman committee during the session.