Alfran Fire Ind Fireproofing Contract

Contract for Fireproofing, Supply and Application of Alfran Fire Ind in the PSA PQ Hydrogen Recovery Project of Cepsa La Rábida, Spain.

At the end of August 2018, the O&G EMEA company was awarded the Fireproofing Contract for the PSA PQ Hydrogen Recovery Project of Cepsa La Rábida. The Fireproofing tasks began in mid-July and were completed in mid-September 2019, managing to finish the work before the pre-established deadline.

The scope included the fireproofing of equipment skirts, fireproofing of the structure of the PV-C-1 compressor, Pipe Rack, PV-E-2 air cooler and Rack,

Finally, 37.5 MT of Fire Ind have been installed in more than 1,200 m2 of the structures and equipment described above

Again, CEPSA Engineering relies on Alfran to carry out the work of Ignifugado for its latest refining projects.

Project images: