Investment in autonomous demolition equipment

Equipos de demolición autónomos












Alfran has acquired two autonomous demolition equipment. With this acquisition continues the bet for the modernization of the company. From Alfran, we keep seeking to offer our clients the most innovative methods.

Specifically, a Brokk 100 and a Brokk 180, to be able to cover demolition work in different areas. These autonomous demolition equipment are very versatile machines, which provide great advantages in demolition works:

  • It minimizes the risk of incidents / accidents when dealing with autonomous machines with remote control (the presence of personnel within the equipment to be demolished is not necessary).
  • Decrease of overexertion and fatigue of the personnel compared to manual demolition with hammers.
  • Substantial improvement of yields by shortening demolition days.

Autonomous demolition equipment, one step more for the satisfaction of our clientes

These machines will allow us to satisfy the needs of our clientes in a faster and safer way, helping us to meet our Customer Service objectives and for Safety to remain a Value for Alfran.

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