At alfran® we design, manufacture, and install monolithic precast shapes in all grades of castable from our wide range of products, supplied ready to use with controlled drying heat treatment. We have a unique technology that allows us to adapt delivery times to meet the needs of our customers. Our Research Development & Innovation (R&D+i) has designed two excellent alternatives for Nose Ring applications: 1) Shaped products made in metallic-ceramic material designed for high mechanical and thermal performance, STEEL-TECH, ready for installation to increase the life of the refractory at “critical” areas when compared with the traditional ones; 2) Precast pieces made with our ALFRAN ABR CLEAN + refractory castable, a material with silicon carbide and micronized zirconium silicate. This combination of raw materials has excellent performance against hot abrasion, chemical attack, and high refractoriness, at “critical” areas and at a competitive price.

Both solutions can be used at Nose Ring areas in different industries with rotary kilns, like Cement, Paper & Pulp, Vanadium, Pigments, etc…