Order and cleanliness at work

order and cleanliness

In all work activities, to achieve an acceptable level of safety, it is very important to ensure and maintain proper conditions of order and cleanliness. The lack of order and cleanliness at the facilities is a risk factor that deserves special attention, since it is the cause of many accidents, like falling over tripping or slipping, hits or footsteps on objects, deterioration of equipment or facilities, which may lead to results different from those expected.

To achieve the objective of keeping the company “clean and tidy”, all personnel must assimilate concepts such as: eliminating the unnecessary and classifying what is useful, storing material in appropriate places so that it can be easily located, avoiding dirt and, if it gets dirty, cleaning it at once, generating work habits aimed at promoting order and cleanliness, etc.

The expected benefits:

– Reduce the risk of accidents.

– Improve working conditions and work environment.

– Improve the quality of production.

– Improve safety at work.

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