Alfran USA strengthens its position in the cement industry

Alfran USAOur young subsidiary, Alfran USA, moves forward with a firm step to become a benchmark supplier for the maintenance of refractories in the cement industry. In this way and with our portfolio of high added value refractorycastables, TIX, HIGH GUN, CLEAN, DRYTECH, alfranjet, and alfranpump, we are extending the number of references in clients such as Cemex USA, Drake Cement, and American Cement, among others.

Thanks to our 2 logistic warehouses in Laredo (Texas) and Savanah (Georgia), where we store a minimum of 100 metric tons in each, we can supply any customer in the USA with a maximum delivery time of 48 hours.

Alfran will continue to provide resources to our American subsidiary to consolidate its growth.

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