Drytech X, technological evolution of concrete without cement

Until very recently, the development of the sol-gel bond of the Drytech range was achieved through the use of aqueous suspensions that incorporated the precursors of the gel to the mixture of refractory solids. The DRYTECH X range is the evolution of this product, since it incorporates in solid form such elements, achieving, thanks to the proximity of the species that react, a more effective polymerization and ceramization. This range of products is mixed with water, analogous to hydraulic products, simplifying logistics and stock in the customer, but has the same advantages as the traditional DRYTECH range: ease of drying, ceramic bonds at lower temperatures, lower porosity and excellent behavior thermal shock.

An interesting technical publication on the comparative study of both ranges Drytech and Drytech X will soon be included in our Blog.

Drytech X_5