Philosophy of Grupo Aldomer

resumen de la filosofía de grupo aldomer

In the last revision of our Strategic Plan, our Mission, Vision and Values were updated and revised, thus completing the philosophy of Grupo Aldomer.

The philosophy of Grupo Aldomer: a business project based on accompanying its clients

From Grupo Aldomer we aim to be the reference industrial partner in high temperature.

Thus, we form a business project focused on growth and profitability, which is also focused on innovation, technology and engineering. We are leaders in refractories, fireproofing and heat treatments.

We put ourselves at the service of each client by personalizing products and services with our full availability and effectiveness. We want to be their first choice.

Our aspiration as a global company allows us to be prepared for continuous transformation and to become the best workplace for our employees.

Our values

The philosophy of Grupo Aldomer has, therefore, the following values present in our day to day:

Effort for continuous improvement, the team being a way of working. Team that shows, at all times, rigor and integrity, team that transmits passion and enthusiasm, and that prioritizes safety and healthy practices.

Being environmentally friendly and respecting cultural diversity are fundamental values of Grupo Aldomer‘s philosophy.

Be the reference industrial partner in high temperature

Business project focused on growth and profitability

Leaders in refractories, fireproofing and heat treatments

Focused on innovation, technology and engineering

Customizing products and services for each client

Availability and effectiveness to be the #1 choice of our clients

Global business aspiration

Prepared for continuous transformation

Best workplace for our collaborators

Continuous improvement

Team as a way of working

Rigor and integrity

Passion and illusion

Safety and health

Environmentally friendly

Respect for cultural diversity