Campaign Protect yourself: Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

campaña fomento del uso del equipo de protección individual

To combat the risks of accidents and damage to health, the application of technical and organizational measures is a priority. These measures are designed to eliminate risks at source or to protect workers through collective protection provisions.

Protecciones individuales: ya que las tienes, ¡póntelas!

When these measures are not enough, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is imposed. The PPE act fundamentally reducing the consequences derived from the materialization of the risk. The protective efficacy will depend on the adequacy of the individual protection equipment at the pre-existing levels of risk.

The correct selection and use of the appropriate PPE will minimize the consequences and damages should the risk materialize. Therefore, the mandatory use of them is of vital importance.

Awareness campaigns in Alfran

With the aim of raising awareness among all employees towards active behavior in the prevention of occupational hazards and advancing their integration at all levels, different Awareness Campaigns will be carried out during 2019.

Casco Alfran

For this, maximum involvement and collaboration is necessary, highlighting the members of the Health and Safety Committee, Delegates and Prevention Technicians, Intermediate Managers and Project Managers.

The Management and Prevention Department request the involvement of all to achieve the proposed objectives.

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