Training course for the cement sector

curso formaciónThis summer, we told you in a post about theoretical-practical workshops that had been held in Colombia.

In line with our commitment to ongoing training for clients, another series of sessions have been organized during the month of September. On this occasion, the sessions were held in Spain, with participants from different countries.

There were four days in which there was both theoretical and practical training. It began with a guided tour of the factory, to know the manufacturing equipment and sacking of materials. Additionally, the participants learnt about the manufacturing process for precast shapes.

After visiting the factory, the participants were also able to visit our laboratory, where they were explained some of the quality tests and the characterization of concretes, which we carried out in Alfran.

Following the dynamics of previous workshops, the participants had the opportunity to mix, vibrate, shoot and project via shotcrete, with their own hands, the different materials on a test panel.

Four days of training for the cement sector

Some of the subjetcs covered during these four days were the following:

  • Theoretical training on joint systems.
  • Theoretical training on the anchoring systems used.
  • Alfran procedures: method of generation and implementation of Alfran procedures for the installation of refractories.
  • Drying of refractories
  • Planning of works in the cement sector.
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Theoretical training on Alfran Steel Tech materials technology.
  • Gun-Mix systems: theoretical training of the application system and practice on the test panel. Explanation of the equipment and the factors that affect the installation of High Gun materials.
  • Alfranjet installation system: theoretical training of the application system and practical training on the system assembly method. Practical training on test panels with explanation of the equipment and the factors that affect the installation of Alfranjet materials.
  • Bricks installation system in a rotary kiln.

Of the training sessions, it is worth noting the commitment of the different collaborators. Multinational teamwork, Alfran Mode.

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