Aislamiento industrial

At Alfran we are leaders in Industrial Insulation Solutions, both in Heat & Cold, and Acoustic processes in all types of industries:

These systems have two goals: the first one is the Health and Safety of the workers, as the Personal Protection systems protect them from burns and the Acoustic systems from possible hearing injuries. The second goal is to reduce energy losses. The latter, the most importance for all industries where combustion processes exist and where the aim is to make the process more sustainable.

At Alfran we have high experience in the use of different types of materials. In the heat sector, we can highlight materials based on Rock Wool, Expanded Perlite, Calcium Silicate, and now with new technology materials based on Aerogel. On the other hand, Cold systems with materials based on Cellular Glass and Polysianurate (PIR) and Acoustic systems with a combination of Rock Wool with vinyl and other mixed systems.  In addition, we offer “removable” insulation materials, mainly oriented to equipment where maintenance, under these coatings, is necessary, such as gas and steam turbines, all types of valves, actuators, etc.

Our experience is highly oriented to the energy sector, where we have carried out large projects in the construction of Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Offshore Platforms, Gas Plants, and Combined Cycles. But also in other sectors such as Cement, Mining, Food, Iron and Steel, etc. Our customers include the world’s main oil companies (Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Repsol, Total, Pemex, Petroperú, etc), Combined Cycle (Iberdrola, CFE, Mitsubishi, GE, etc), and Petrochemical (Sabic, Braskem, etc) with more than 400,000 m2 installed in the last 5 years.

To be able to supply the different materials, we have different collaboration agreements with the main international brands such as Rockwool, Aspen (Aerogel), Foamglass, and Distribution International.  And in the installation part, we have a great team of highly qualified fitters supervised by a safety, quality, and production team that, with the highest quality standards, encourages us to continue being the reference partner in the high-temperature industry.

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