ALFRAN: Technology at the service of the client. Traceability and Quality in Management.

Traceability is one of the most addressed concepts so far this century, it is also for Alfran. The UNE 66.901-92 standard defines traceability as the “ability to reconstruct the history of the use or location of an item or product by means of a registered identification”.

ALFRAN does not limit the tracking of a product to delivery to the distributor or final customer, Alfran goes further and continues with the monitoring during the installation of the material and recording its performance in the operation of the customers. For this, they rely on technology, on the offer of Integral Service (Engineering + Manufacturing + Supply + Installation + Drying) and on the continuous presence of supervisors at maintenance stops of industrial customers.

To achieve this, a clear vision, great determination and hard work have been required, ranging from the implementation of computer tools to the training and awareness of the entire team of professionals. The result allows them to have, in real time, the relevant information of any product and make it available to users. It includes from the MMPP used in manufacturing to the performance that the material has had in operation.

ALFRAN products

As an example of all this, Alfran products have triple coding in their labeling, consisting of a barcode, a QR code and an alphanumeric code.

The barcode is used internally in its factories for the control of each of the variables of product processing (input of raw materials, production and quality control). And, later, during installation on the client’s computer. It is in this phase where it allows to maintain the much desired traceability and references by zones. 

For its part, the QR code allows access to technical information, safety data sheet and concrete installation procedure. For this, any reader can be used for QR codes, from a Smartphone type device. Finally, the alphanumeric code allows access to the basic information of any product through the ALFRAN APP, where you can also find useful tools to facilitate and guide during installation. The Alfran APP is available for Android and iOS operating systems, so it can be downloaded from the PlayStore or AppStore, respectively.

ALFRAN provides accurate information

All this information is processed and stored in real time, providing accurate information and the ability to maintain control of any action. Thus, traceability is completed for the entire product life cycle.

In conclusion, traceability management requires, requires and brings together great concepts, among others, that of Quality, Innovation and Service, supported in the use of Technology. In ALFRAN they are committed to these concepts and to their clients, this commitment being the basis for the fulfillment of their Business Mission, which is “To be the reference industrial partner in high temperature”.