Emergency application of Alfran MAG 85 HG in Intercement Loulé rotary kiln. Portugal


Aplicación de emergencia de Alfran MAG 85 HG

Just 18 hours after receiving the call from the client, with an emergency between meters 1.5 – 4.5, Alfran was ready at the plant to clean, using shot blasting, and apply, through GUNMIX system, up to 9 Tm of basic concrete Alfran MAG 85 HG. For this, it took slightly less than 2 work shifts. The necessary product was manufactured during the early hours of the morning, just before mobilizing personnel, machinery and concrete.

It is the second application in this plant (previously, of 21 Tm, in the month of January, whose excellent performance will allow them, at least, 6 months of work) and the fourth in the Intercement Group (previous in Alhandra H7 of 12 Tm and H6 of 27 Tm).


The client has congratulated us for the speed, without neglecting, in any case, our commitment to safety, breaks, etc.

Likewise, the client values the performance of Alfran MAG 85 HG concrete. In this case it has avoided having to demolish bricks of very small thickness and all the tasks related to the assembly of new bricks.

The plan is to delay unemployment two months. Thus, our concrete must avoid premature wear of the brick during heating and provide additional insulation to that provided by the bricks very worn.