Innovative solution for the rebuilt of basic bricks in Clinker rotary kilns

In the March issue of the magazine “Cement and Building Materials Review” the technical article “Magnesia-Spinel Castable. An Innovative Solution for Clinker Kilns “. It discusses the promising results of the rebuilt of basic bricks in the coating area with a new concrete, ALFRANMAG 85 HG.

Thus, this solution implies significant reductions in downtime, costs and environmental impact. Similarly, it increases the safety of workers during the stop.

resultados del recrecimiento de ladrillos

Basic concrete, ALFRAN MAG 85 HG a solution for Clinker rotary kilns

Magnesia, MgO, is the fundamental raw material used in the manufacture of bricks for the coating of rotary clinkerization furnaces. This material is chosen due to its chemical compatibility with the process. In addition, its high predisposition to hydration has not made it possible to use it in concretes until now.

In this way, the solution to extend the life of the basic bricks in the coating area is the rebuilt of the basic bricks by means of the projection with ALFRAN MAG 85 HG, a high performance concrete based on magnesia-spinel.


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