Photo of the day. Repsol Puertollano

The Journal of Shutdown of Repsol Puertollano has selected as a photo of the day a snapshot of the work team of Industrial Services of EMEA. It is recognized, in this way, the professionalism in the works carried out in the refractory repair in furnaces and ducts in units U-612-621-602-624-643 -660-661-639 in the Repsol Puertollano Industrial Complex.

Project at Repsol Puertollano: an example of professionalism and commitment in prevention of occupational risks

repsol puertollano

To the magnificent work performed must be added the commitment to safety. Thus, it is worth highlighting the dedication and commitment on the part of the entire team, especially the Prevention Technician, throughout the project. The work carried out on the prevention of occupational risks has been fundamental. Likewise, the maximum requirement of compliance with Repsol’s safety standards and procedures has been respected.

From Management and Prevention Department, we congratulate everyone for the professionalism and commitment shown in this project.

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