Health & Safety at work

Health and safety at work

At Alfran we are fully committed with the adoption of new preventive measures to stop COVID-19. In addition to personalized training, all our facilities have the necessary information and means to promote general hygiene and social distancing between employees, customers and suppliers, as well as the use of masks, frequent cleaning and disinfection of installations and equipment. Since the appearance of the COVID-19 and the declaration of a global pandemic, the priority of all Grupo Aldomer subsidiaries have been to guarantee Health & Safety, which is a VALUE for our Company. Being aware that the situation is very dynamic, we continue working, constantly, to take protective measures and to comply with each of the requirements of the Public Authorities. Due to our full commitment, we adapt our Contingency Plans and Safety Protocols to safeguard the Health & Safety for all our collaborators, customers and suppliers, where we develop our activities, both in our own and/or external centers.

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