Good safety habits in the construction of the East Anglia One

Colaboración en el parque eólico marino East Anglia One

Intec-Heat is collaborating in the construction of the 42 Jackets of East Anglia One, one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world. The scope of the contract, in addition to the 42 jackets, includes the construction of 126 piles. Although part of the works were carried out during 2017, most of them will be carried out during 2018. Most of the construction of the Jackets will be carried out at the Navantia facilities in Fene, Coruña. Regarding the piles, they will be built by Windar, in its facilities in Avilés.

In the record of the monthly coordination meeting held on January 19 at the Navantia – Fene facilities, Intec-Heat was congratulated for “the high level of compliance in the continued use of the Individual Protection Equipment. Especially in protective glasses. “

Good safety and health habits, keys in risk prevention

The involvement and commitment of those responsible and intermediate managers with the prevention of risks is key to ensure that all employees acquire these habits of safety and health. These good habits are perfectly compatible with the development of the activity.

From the Management and Prevention Department, we want to congratulate all the personnel involved in this project at the East Anglia One offshore wind farm.

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