Projection of DT Clean40 HG in the alumina zone. Cementos Portland. Spain

recrecido del ladrillo

During the past month of January we made the first intervention of refractory of the refractory brick in the zone of base alumina of the tube of a Cement Kiln, between the meters 63 and 65.

By request of the client, it was necessary to get this brick to endure until the end of the campaign. Although it had an average thickness above the residual, it did not have enough to withstand another full campaign.

Brick restoration intervention

For this, we installed using the High-Gun system, 5.5 tons of our material Drytech Clean 40 High Gun. In this way, an average of 90 mm was increased over the entire diameter of the furnace.

It was first cleaned dry and with a wire brush. Subsequently, without the need for any anchoring, the concrete was projected in a very short space of time.

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