Conversion and Area Units Shutdown in the Petronor Refinery. Muskiz, Spain.

Refinería de Petronor

At the end of last February, Oil & Gas EMEA finished the refractory and fireproofing jobs of the shutdown of the Conversion and Area Units in the Petronor refinery in Muskiz, Spain. This project initially included jobs in 9 different equipments:

áreas de obras en refinería de Petronor

For the development of the works, a total of 45 workers were mobilized. The tasks were developed in 2 shifts, completing more than 10,000 hours of work and reaching the goal of “zero accidents”.

Detail of rowks in the Petronor Refinery in Muskiz

As highlighted works it should be noted that the demolition and replacement of 80% of the refractory (insulator + dense) inside the incinerator SR3-H-001-B was carried out; the coating of Sulfur Pit SR3-TK-0001-B by applying 16,000 kg of our Alfran Gun Ak-42; and, finally, the supply of 126,000 kg of Alfran Lite 10-14, which were installed in various pipelines, furnaces and preheaters.

The completion of this stop at the Petronor Refinery, reaffirms the confidence that the Repsol group is placing in Refractarios Alfran as a regular supplier of materials and labor for refractory and fireproofing work, in the face of future stops at the Muskiz refinery in Petronor.

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