Monolithics safety linings for Ladles and Tundish

Since 1998, Alfran supplies and installs monolithic safety refractories for ladles and tundish, as an alternative to traditional brick coverings. Several qualities of high alumina refractory concretes are used, installed mainly by vibration, and when installation speed is required, the installation is chosen by pumped or projected with shotcreting technology.

In the cases of installation by vibration and pumping, a metal mold is required, which is previously placed, and once the anchors are welded, and the insulating material if this is foreseen. The installation of concrete in this type of coating, has as main advantages to the bricks, which is a faster and simpler installation, requires less personnel, and being a monolithic coating, the durability is greater, having a better impact resistance when the work lining is demolished.


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Since 1998


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