Thermal Insulation of HRSG, BOP and Steam Turbine and Passive Fire Protection in the Northeast Iberdrola Combined Cycle Construction Project

The Northeast Combined cycle is located in the municipality of El Carmen, urban area of Monterrey. Its configuration is 2×1, that is, two gas turbines with their respective heat recovery boilers, for one steam. The power generation capacity is 857 MW and its turbines are Mitsubishi technology.

Insulation: We carry out the work of supply and installation of insulating materials for pipes and equipment both in the Boilers and in BOP (auxiliary services) and Steam Turbine with different materials, Rock Wool, Ceramic Fiber, Airgel, Microporous and Calcium Silicate, 37,000 m2 being approximately the isolated surface.

Passive Fire Protection: We carry out the works of Supply and Installation of Fireproof Seals in the control and excitation rooms areas of Gas Turbine I and II, Aero Condenser, Boilers I and II, Auxiliary Boiler, Electric Room and Water Treatment Plant.

In addition, Cable Protection was performed by ablative paint.


Monterrey, Nuevo León, México


September 201 7 to October 2018




Insulation and Fire Proofing