Supplies in copper founries in Chile

For more than three years, Alfran has managed to consolidate itself as a first level supplier for the non-ferrous sector in Chile, specifically in the Copper smelting and refining industry, supplying a wide range of refractory concretes: from conventional materials of our range Cast (vibrocolables / gunitables) to nanotechnological products of the Drytech range (without cement, NCC).

In the Codelco Ventanas and Glencore Altonorte plants, they are employing, with excellent performance, our Alfran Drytech 85 Cr in the mouths of Pierce-Smith and Reactor Noranda converters, the vault of the electric furnace and the vault of the Maerz refining furnace, succeeding in replacing traditionally used materials. Likewise, the Alfran Drytech 35 SiC has been used in Glencore Altonorte in the permanent coating of spoons with satisfactory results.

In foundries like Codelco El Teniente already have our Alfran Cast 40 as sacrificial lining for spoons and molding channels, with more than 200 tons installed to date.

Recently, we have also supplied Drytech technology refractory concretes and special preformed parts to the Chagres Smelter of the Anglo-American Group.

Our excellent cost / benefit ratio has been fundamental to the success achieved in this important industry in the south of the American continent. In the future, we hope to continue providing solutions to these and other important customers.


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