Refractory Installation Solution for the COVID-19 Crisis: SHOTCRETE ALFRANJET®

The new global crisis originated by the Covid-19 has changed the world as we knew it. Now, the priority is to reduce the number of people involved in the installation process, to have enough distance between them, and to reduce the working time, to avoid risks of spreading the disease.

In this sense, Alfran recommends the best solution to install dense refractory castables: Alfranjet Shotcrete Technology. Alfran is #1 with Shotcrete Technology through its patented Alfranjet®, with more than 25 years of experience and worldwide references in Cement, Steel and Energy industries among others.

Why Alfranjet® Shotcrete?

  1. Reduced number of people. This highly improves safety operating conditions.
  2. High quality and performance. Accurate control of mixing liquid (WET PROCESS).
  3. High-speed installation: Average of 30 tons / 12h-shift.
  4. High efficiency & Energy Savings. < 10% losses.

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