Refractory linings for Aluminium Furnaces

refractory linings

Alfran is a specialist in designing, supplying and installing refractories for aluminum melting furnaces.

We have a wide range of refractory castables, such as Tix-80 NW, Drytech 85 AL, Tix 55AL or Cast-60AL, among others, specially designed for the aluminium industry, as well as our insulating castables, Lite 10/14 and Lite 106. We carry out new construction or maintenance projects. On the other hand, another company of Grupo Aldomer, Intec-Heat is specialized in the drying of refractories, in this type of furnaces.

We are available to our customers in the aluminum industry, to offer them, as we have done for more than 100 years, our Solutions in High Industrial Temperature.

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