Maintenance work for the Acerinox Steelworks Refractory Maintenance Contract has begun, including the demolition of electric furnaces 2 and 3. The work was complicated since the arm on our backhoe was not long enough. With a little imagination, the large backhoe was combined with the Mini-backhoe which, despite causing some delay, allowed us to finish the job.

For furnace 3, the backhoe we had available was not sufficient to cover the complete demolition, due to the length of the arm. In order to do so, we had to use a combination of a backhoe and Mini-backhoe, which brought about delays to complete the demolition work.

After extending the arm of the W – 7, manufactured with great resilience, we successfully concluded the demolition of electric furnace 2 to the satisfaction of the customer, taking into account the unfavourable conditions under which demolition work had been performed.

Finally, it is worth noting that the company Refractarios Alfran was congratulated by Acerinox, for the smooth transition with the previous Refractories maintenance company.